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About Our Hearing Center

We are a total hearing health care center, providing complete hearing evaluative services as well as state of the art hearing instruments and other assistive listening devices. An extensive listing of the wide range of products and services which we provide appears at the end of this section.

Our practice is very patient orientated. We spend considerable time with patients and their families explaining what test results mean and how hearing loss impacts quality of life. We also spend time listening to patient and/or family concerns regarding the hearing loss. This enables us to then make the most appropriate recommendations.

Another benefit to our patients is our association with two well respected otolaryngologists (ear, nose and throat physicians). We have shared office space and have worked together for more than twenty years. Dr. Nikhil Bhatt heads this group of doctors and has truly a world renowned reputation for knowledge of this field as well as his surgical expertise. Having physicians of this caliber in the same office is invaluable to all our patients.

When a hearing aid is indicated, patients can be confident that we will select or help them to select the very best instrument available, taking numerous factors into consideration. Factors such as type and degree of hearing loss, instrument circuit technology and cost, instrument size and appearance, etc. are all important. We work only with the very best companies in the hearing aid industry and have good personal working relationships with several.

Todays hearing instruments are considerably more advanced than ones manufactured only a few years ago. We regularly attend industry courses and workshops to insure that the services and products which we provide are truly on the cutting edge of technology. All hearing aids are provided with full trial periods, including complete programming and unlimited number of follow-up appointments as needed.

Services and Products which we provide include:

  • Basic hearing evaluation (pure tone and speech understanding testing)
  • Tympanometry (middle ear function and eardrum mobility)
  • Auditory Brainstem Response (provides information about the 8th or hearing nerve)
  • Otoacoustic Emissions (measures integrity of inner ear structures)
  • Comprehensive explanation of how test results relate to individual patient communication difficulty)
  • Hearing aid evaluation and selection with consideration of both acoustic and aesthetic factors
  • Hearing aid dispensing including complete orientation and counseling as needed
  • Assistive listening device (ALD) product sales (specialty items for use with the telephone, T.V., etc.)
  • Hearing aid repairs on all makes and models including modifications, re-fitting, re-shelling, etc.)
  • Battery sales for hearing aids and T.V. listening ALDs
  • Hearing aid custom ear mold sales and modifications
  • Complete custom earplug sales and counseling for water protection, industrial and sport noise protection and other specialty applications including professional musician use.