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Patient Testimonials

I brought my parents to see you last week. I want to express my thanks to you for your kind and patient care of them and their hearing aids. What a blessing to see them cared for with such kindness and honor. Thank you for making time for them on short notice. Your thoughtfulness did not go unnoticed.

— Kerry M.

I’m taking this opportunity to extend my sincere appreciation for the outstanding care you took to ensure that I would finally have proper help with my hearing problem. As a result of my new hearing devices, I’m also getting some great relief from the very bothersome “roaring” in my ears.

— Gertrude F.

Thank you for your concerned note and your kind remarks. Yes, I’m still doing well with my hearing aids – my greatest appreciation is that they sure “kill” almost all the horrible “racket” I suffered – to me it sounded like a bunch of truckers making their way on an interstate.

— Trudy

Don, thanks very much for the fine work getting my hearing up to snuff. The hearing aids are tuned perfectly. I don't have any issues. Your timeless care with special attention to my situation was more than I could dream of. Again thanks for the assistance. You are my hearing guy for life. Outstanding work, Don, you are the best audiologist in the business."

— Carl S.